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Friday, October 30, 2009

From the inside: ISAPI_Rewrite x64 installation on Windows 2008 Server x64

Installation of ISAPI_Rewrite x64 on Windows 2008 Server x64 may seem a trivial task and it really is of that kind, but nevertheless we'd like to show you the steps installer is making so you could fix possible (though unlikely) problems.

First of all ISAPI_Rewrite installer ensures that ISAPI Filters and ISAPI Extensions components are installed in IIS.

This done installation starts (proper installation package may be downloaded here; it's called ISAPI_Rewrite3_00xx_x64.msi).
Then proxy handlers are registered in Handler Mappings snap-in.

Two records must be added: Helicon Proxy_32 and Helicon Proxy_x64:

After that ISAPI_Rewrite filters are registered in ISAPI Filters snap-in:

You must see these two filters in the list: ISAPI_Rewrite_32 and ISAPI_Rewrite_x64:

Installer also adds ISAPI_Rewrite proxy dlls (both x86 and x64) into the list of ISAPI and CGI restrictions

and marks them as Allowed.

That's all that is done by installer or (in a rare case when it fails) by you:) Now you may test ISAPI_Rewrite operation using this simple rule:
RewriteRule .? – [G]

Save the config and make request to any page on your site. "Gone" result will evidence successful installation:

Now let's turn on 32-bit applications compatibility mode (if you need to).
Click on the Application Pools node in IIS Manager:

And go to Advanced Settings of DefaultAppPool:

Set "Enable 32-Bit Applications" parameter to True:

And test if ISAPI_Rewrite still works with the same rule and URL you used above. The result should be just the same:

We find it quite helpful to know what's happening behind the scenes. And hope you also do.
Take care.

HeliconTech Team

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