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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Helicon Ape Happy new build!

Hello, everyone!
Happy holidays!
We've got some good news for you—the new build of Helicon Ape 3 is released and available for download.
And it's not just a couple of bug-fixes; we've introduced:
  • three new modules:
    • mod_dbd which allows creation and management of SQL database connections;
    • mod_authn_dbd which provides user authentication by searching users in SQL tables; and
    • mod_dir which cares about "trailing slash" redirects and directory index files handling;
  • really important and highly anticipated by the clients ErrorDocument directive that gives a possibility to set custom error pages upon error;
  • two parameters for Options directive:
    • ShowErrorInResponse which tells Ape to show detailed error explanation or omit it;
    • StopOnError which regulates whether to ignore unknown directives or give out 500 error;
  • some important fixes, in mod_linkfreeze in particular.

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