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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Titbits: Disabled ASP.NET handler prevents Ape from working

There have always been problems with any kind of software, when the software itself is installed correctly but doesn’t seem to work.

The same problem occured with Helicon Ape while installing on Windows Server 2003, IIS6. User had full control of config files and was able to browse the sites in IIS, but not a single rule took effect.

Investigation of the problem led us to IIS Manager/Web Service Extensions. The ASP.NET handler was disabled, which was completely blocking Helicon Ape operation.

The reason is that Ape is an ASP.NET module which can’t be run with appropriate handler “prohibited”.

One look is all it takes to find a solution to the issue – press “Allow” button for ASP.NET in Web Service Extensions:

Best regards,
Andrew & Anton, Helicon Tech Team

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