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Monday, January 31, 2011

mod_rewrite and mod_proxy in one .htaccess on IIS 6 server

Although we declare that Ape is delivering .htaccess on IIS 7, we want to remind that .htaccess on IIS 6 is also available. If you are missing so easy and readable mod_rewrite or mod_proxy on your IIS server, we offer you a worthy solution – Helicon Ape product.
Please notice that support of .htaccess on IIS 6 is somewhat limited, so please consult the Compatibility chart ( to see if required functionality is supported. As you could see, even on IIS 6 mod_rewrite and mod_proxy are available nearly in their full.
Mod_rewrite is a perfect flexible URL transformation tool often lacked especially by IIS 6 users as Microsoft doesn’t provide an alternative to it. Helicon Ape mod_rewrite offers extensive map files support, database mappings, vast rewriting capabilities and more.
In its turn, IIS6 accompanied by mod_proxy may serve as forward as well as reverse proxy server allowing to provide Internet access to firewall-protected internal clients and to provide Internet access to a server protected by firewall consequently. The detailed insight into this matter is given here (
A detailed guide on how to install Helicon Ape for IIS 6 server and enable necessary modules is posted on our blog ( The article also advises on how to test mod_rewrite and mod_proxy operation on IIS 6.
This article covers the use of mod_rewrite and mod_proxy modules on IIS6-driven web-servers as they are considered the most demanded and frequently used modules on Apache, so having them in one .htaccess right on your IIS 6 server not only lets you shift your configs from Apache without modification, but also extend your IIS in a helpful and efficient way.

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